Here at Liberty Honda, we’re always excited to see what kind of new vehicles and innovations the Honda brand has in the works. One market segment that’s received a lot of attention in recent years is the green car market. We could be biased, but we think that one of the most interesting green cars is the new Honda Clarity. This model will be available in electric and plug-in hybrid versions, but it’s the recently unveiled hydrogen-powered version that really piques our interest.


It may surprise you to learn that a car can be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, but this technology has actually been in development for a long time. The only waste a hydrogen-powered car produces is water. That’s about as green as you can get. This model can travel 366 miles on one charge and can be refilled in just a few minutes, which makes it quicker to charge than the typical electric vehicle.


The Honda Clarity also doesn’t look much like the electric cars you’re used to seeing. It’s nearly as roomy as the 2017 Honda Accord, thanks in part to the presence of a smaller, more advanced battery pack. This model also offers an atypical driving experience for a green car. When you get behind the wheel you’ll notice that it drives more like a conventional vehicle. It even offers a “Sport” mode, complete with regenerative braking technology. Naturally, the Honda Clarity will also offer the latest safety features, like adaptive cruise control.


It’s always interesting to see what kind of unique technology is coming to Honda cars. If you’re looking for a dependable and efficient vehicle, visit our Honda dealership near Avon, CT. Whether you need a sporty sedan or a family car, we can help you find the perfect model. We can’t wait to meet you!