Here at Liberty Honda, we offer some cars that have stood the test of time. Some of the models that you’ll find on our lot have a history that stretches back decades. One of those vehicles is the venerable 2017 Honda Accord. This car was first manufactured in 1976 and we think that it just keeps getting better.


Another big year for the Honda Accord was 1982. That’s the year it became the first Japanese car to be produced in the United States. It was produced at the Marysville Auto Plant and quickly turned into one of the most popular vehicles in the country.


The first generation of the Honda Accord was actually a three-door hatchback. The engine in this compact car produced a whopping 68 horsepower. Eventually a Honda Accord sedan was built, and then the second generation came on the scene in 1981. The three-speed transmission was upgraded to a four-speed during this generation, and the Honda Accord now offered features like air conditioning, power windows, and even cruise control.


The third, fourth, and fifth generation continued to innovate, but some big changes came with the sixth generation in 1997. It marked the first time that a separate Honda Accord model was developed for the North American market. This generation also birthed the high-performance Type R nameplate. The seventh generation of the Honda Accord grew larger and a hybrid version was introduced in 2005. The eighth generation of this vehicle was the first to be considered a full-size car, and then the ninth-generation Honda Accord was introduced in 2012. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing vehicle.


So when you’re looking for a car with history, visit our Honda car dealership near Middleton, CT!