At Liberty Honda, we’ve noticed that more drivers are looking for fuel-efficient and eco-friendly or “green” cars these days. If you’re one of them, one Honda model that you should be excited about is the 2018 Honda Clarity. This plug-in hybrid will offer the latest in green technology and everything that you love about conventional Honda vehicles. To further pique your interest, we have also learned that the Honda Clarity will have a class-leading all-electric range.

The all-electric range is how far a hybrid model can travel on just the power of its battery before needing to be recharged. The 2018 Honda Clarity can travel 47 miles on just electric power once it’s been fully charged. This is a better range than any other plug-in hybrid in its class. Overall, the 2018 Honda Clarity will be able to travel 340 miles between trips to the gas station when powered by a mixture of conventional fuel and its advanced battery technology. This new Honda model is going to be perfect for your next road trip!

You should also know that the 2018 Honda Clarity is a midsize car. Some drivers might still have the idea that green cars have to be small, but this model offers interior space similar to some of the other models on our lot. It’s also fun to drive, thanks to an efficient and potent 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine can produce more than 180 horsepower and 232 lb.-ft. of torque. You don’t have to sacrifice a fun driving experience for cutting-edge green technology. We look forward to seeing the new Honda Clarity in action!

So when you’re shopping for a new car that uses the latest technology, visit our Honda dealership near Avon, CT today. Our knowledgeable dealers make it easy to find the perfect vehicle. We can’t wait to meet you!