If you’re interested in one of the Honda vehicles we have for sale or lease, we encourage you to visit Liberty Honda to take a closer look and go for a test drive. If you’re a recent college graduate or you’re getting ready to graduate, now is a great time to visit our Honda dealership near Glastonbury, CT to learn more about the Honda College Graduate Program.

If you qualify for the Honda College Graduate Program, you’ll receive $500 which you can use to buy or lease a vehicle from our conveniently located Honda dealership. To do this, the automobile you buy or lease must be a 2015 or newer model and you have to finance your transaction through Honda Financial Services.

To qualify for the Honda College Graduate Program, you just have to satisfy the following criteria:  you must put a 5 percent down payment toward your vehicle purchase or lease, you must have a job or be in receipt of a firm commitment from the employer you’ll soon be working for, and you need to have graduated within the past two years or have plans to graduate during the next six months.  Also, you cannot have a negative credit history.

In addition to getting money that can help make your purchase or lease more affordable, the Honda College Graduate Program also gives you the option of deferring your monthly car payment for the first 90 days that you have your new car. The program gives you the chance to establish a credit history or improve your current standing, too, as long as you make your monthly payments on time and in-full. The Honda College Program also gives you the chance to enjoy the savings that come with our competitive purchase and lease financing packages.

If you’re thinking about buying or leasing one of our Honda vehicles such as the 2016 Honda Civic, visit Liberty Honda to go for a test drive. We’ll explain the details of our Honda College Graduate Program and the other offers you may be eligible for. Stop by our Honda dealership on West Service Road to learn more today.