Since it’s the start of the school season, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips about sharing the road with school buses. It doesn’t matter if you drive a 2016 Honda Civic, a used Honda car, or another vehicle, there are some basic rules that everyone must follow when it comes to school buses.

No matter what state you live in, it is illegal for you to pass a school bus that’s in the process of loading or unloading students. It’s irrelevant if you’re going to be late for a meeting, you’re trying to pick your own kids up from school, or you need to get home fast to make sure you didn’t leave the iron on. If you pass a school bus while kids are getting on or off of it, you are not only endangering the lives of young students, you are also putting yourself at risk for getting a costly ticket, or racking up points on your driving record. If you get caught passing a school bus while it’s loading or unloading kids more than once, you will face even harsher penalties.

You should always pay attention to the signals and stop signs on a school bus. Keep in mind that buses make wider right turns than cars do and that you’ll need to adjust the position of your vehicle accordingly. Remember that school buses are required to stop at railroad crossings and refrain from honking your horn or getting impatient when the one in front of you does. Always be prepared to stop suddenly when you’re sharing the road with a school bus. Remember school buses are required to travel at slower speeds even when they’re on the highway and you’ll need to adjust your speed as necessary to maintain a safe following distance.

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