As a Honda dealer serving Hartford, CT and surrounding areas, we consider it our privilege to give back to the community we share with you. Giving back is our way of thanking everyone who has purchased a vehicle or genuine Honda parts from us and everyone who has brought their vehicle to our Honda dealership for service.

We appreciate your business and look forward to continue handling all of your automotive needs and investing in our community for years to come. Whether we’re participating in blood drives or promoting the adoption of homeless companion animals from local shelters and rescues, we’re proud to support our community’s initiatives.

Another way we thank our clients is by giving you our best price first. We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve acted on the feedback they’ve provided over the years. Our clients like our dealership. They love the Honda cars we have for sale or lease. They don’t like the stress that’s often associated with a “traditional” car buying experience that typically involves seemingly endless negotiations over price, however.

Like you, we know your time is valuable which is why we don’t waste it by haggling over prices. We simply give you our best price first. Our goal is to always show our clients how much we appreciate their business by providing a “fast, fair, and friendly” car buying experience. With that in mind, our best prices are clearly displayed on every vehicle we have for sale.

The price that’s displayed on each of our new Honda cars is based on the automobile’s equipment, age, availability, and demand. Our prices do not include a markup for commission because our sales staff works on salary, not commission. We’re not rewarded with money. Our reward is satisfying the needs of our valued clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a new vehicle or part, or you need to bring your automobile in for service. Our goal remains the same – to ensure your needs are satisfied and that you’ll visit us again the next time you need a vehicle, Honda part, or service.

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned Honda vehicle, you’re looking for a Honda part, or your vehicle is due for a service appointment, visit Liberty Honda. We’ll always give you our best price first.