Here at Liberty Honda, we’re always excited to get a closer look at a new Honda vehicle. Sometimes that means it’s a new model year, or it could mean that the Honda brand is bringing some impressive new concept cars to a big auto show. One concept vehicle that recently caught our eye is the Urban EV, and now it looks like another Honda concept will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The new Honda Sports EV Concept combines green car technology with futuristic styling, and we think that drivers will be impressed by it.

The Urban EV looked similar to a classic Honda Civic, but the Sports EV is more like a futuristic version of the Honda Prelude. It’s a sporty model with a minimalist design. It will also have a distinctive front fascia and an “unforgettable silhouette,” according to a recent press release.

The big news about this concept car is its use of artificial intelligence. This isn’t just the stuff of science fiction movies; the Sports EV Concept is designed to make the driver feel a sense of unity with their car. The goal is to actually make the driver feel an emotional attachment and a new sense of pride in owning their vehicle. Your car will become more of a companion than just a simple object. We’re interested to see if this innovative AI tech makes its way to other Honda cars.

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